Another annoying online quiz

Back in July, I posted a link to SelectSmart’s Presidential Candidate Selector. Here were my results then :

1. Kucinich, Cong. Dennis, OH – Democrat (100%)
2. Kerry, Senator John, MA – Democrat (81%)
3. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT – Democrat (78%)
4. Gephardt, Cong. Dick, MO – Democrat (72%)
5. Edwards, Senator John, NC – Democrat (71%)
6. Lieberman Senator Joe CT – Democrat (70%)
7. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol IL – Democrat (70%)
8. Sharpton, Reverend Al – Democrat (69%)
9. Graham, Senator Bob, FL – Democrat (58%)
10. Libertarian Candidate (32%)
11. Bush, George W. – US President (4%)

When I take the test again today, I get this result :

1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%)
2. Kucinich, Rep. Dennis, OH – Democrat (80%)
3. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT – Democrat (79%)
4. Clark, Retired General Wesley K., AR – Democrat (74%)
5. Green Party Candidate (70%)
6. Edwards, Senator John, NC – Democrat (66%)
7. Socialist Candidate (62%)
8. Kerry, Senator John, MA – Democrat (59%)
9. Gephardt, Rep. Dick, MO – Democrat (59%)
10. Sharpton, Reverend Al – Democrat (54%)
11. Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT – Democrat (42%)
12. LaRouche, Lyndon H. Jr. – Democrat (40%)
13. Moseley-Braun, Former Senator Carol, IL – Democrat (36%)
14. Libertarian Candidate (29%)
15. Hagelin, Dr. John – Natural Law (14%)
16. Bush, President George W. – Republican (9%)
17. Phillips, Howard – Constitution (2%)

I dunno what the hell changed in the last few months to make the results this different. The biggest change here is the 20-point drop in compatibility with Kucinich. I’m not sure what may have caused that, but skimming through the Kucinich page on SelectSmart’s site, I see a few things I disagree with :

Faith based initiatives:
Voted “yes” on responsible fatherhood via faith-based organizations.
Security & Terrorism:
Voted “yes” on the “Visa Entry Reform Act of 2001″, a bill to strengthen counter-terrorism efforts by imposing restrictions on student visas and among other things, it creates a centralized ‘lookout’ database.
Abortion Policy:
He received a 10% score from Planned Parenthood and a 75% from the National Right to Life Committee.
Civil Liberties:
He received a 66% score from The American Civil Liberties Union.

I doubt these positions have changed since the last time I took the test.

What’s even stranger is that I only have 14% in common with the Natural Law Party Candidate. New-Agey, Hippy shit aside, I usually like the Natural Law Party stances on quite a few issues (at least, a lot more than the Libertarians). If you check out John Hagelin’s page, it’s blank. If they don’t even have the data, where the hell is the 14% figure coming from?

I dunno how to explain it other than to say that these kinds of quizzes are completely worthless, but they’re still kinda fun and addictive.

One thought on “Another annoying online quiz

  1. I miss being registered as Natural Law. You can’t register with that party here, but my East Coast choice of the Working Families party suits me fine enough. Speaking of Working Families, Mr. Working-Family himself, John Edwards, is my number one real candidate according to the quiz.