More “Dean as Hitler” Talk

Via Kos, I see that the “Dean=Hitler” meme is still going strong among conservatives. The thread at the Free Republic has already been pulled, but Google’s still got it cached. For all the shit Republicans have been spewing about Democrats and MoveOn not adequately distancing themselves from the “Bush=Hitler” commercials (They wouldn’t be satisfied with anything short of “anyone who criticizes the president should be shot”), Free Repiblic’s own message about the thread is a weak “This is not the kind of thread we need.” That’s a given, but is it safe to assume that it’s the kind of thread they want?

And for those of you too lazy to click on the links, here’s the “Dean=Hitler” picture :

6 thoughts on “More “Dean as Hitler” Talk

  1. That is one of the conservatives favorite terms for describing a lib. If they can not find something to try to pin on us, they use the old nazi trick. The other is to call us comunists. Guess that will be coming soon.

  2. Don’t worry, I’ll notify our superiors in Moscow and Bejing that our nefarious plan to corrupt America with a Center left presidential candidate who actually displays passion and well articulated memes, is close to exposure. If anyone is going to Siberia, I’ll take the fall.

    But seriously, what I don’t understand is how in the hell a Liberal could be called a fascist? Last I checked, you have to actually have right wing views to support fascism.

  3. No you don’t understand. The Nazi’s were National Socialists. Socialists are right wing liberals. Therefore right wingers are Nazi’s. Don’t you see the connection? At least that’s what the conservatives try to tell me. So by their logic we can be a facist and a communist!

  4. Hey, if Dean is Hitler, than at least we know the Dems will finally kick the shit out of conservatives. Or, if Rush Limbaugh is correct, and Dean is actually Nikita Kruschev, then the conservatives will face a similar end. Either way, we win. I don’t know what that all means, but watching neocons being rounded up and put in gulags sounds OK to me.

  5. Could this “meme” be connected with Grover Norquist’s statements on Fresh Air comparing progressive taxation to the Holocaust? Because I thought that was pretty pathetic too.
    But dropping the H-Bomb or the N-bomb is always a mistake, because the reason you use it, say you compare Dean to Hitler, is precisely because you shouldn’t use it. It is so powerful as a metaphor because is so inappropriate as a metaphor.