A Scary Thought

For those of you who frequent Electoral-Vote.com, this map should seem familiar to you :

This is the result of the latest state polls which gives Kerry a 307/231 lead over Bush in the electoral college. At first glance you might think this means Kerry’s got a comfortable 76-point lead, but let’s look at this another way.

With 270 electoral votes needed to win, all it takes is a couple swing states to change the outcome. Looking at the map above, if those results held until election day but Missouri and Florida ended up going for Bush, we’d end up with a 269-point tie. If that were to happen (and it’s a definite possibility), the election would be decided by…you guessed it, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

2 thoughts on “A Scary Thought

  1. i will not be surprised, at all, if they steal the election again.

    have you heard the reports that the RNC is urging republicans in Florida to use absentee ballots to insure that they have a “paper trail.” this from the same group that opposes adding paper-trails to the electronic voting booths. fucking evil bastards!

  2. I see the next election trick coming: “our votes can all be re-counted, see, here’s my receipt… smart Republicans get receipts; and all those whiners (ignorant minority Democrats) who didn’t get a receipt don’t deserve to have their vote counted anyway!”

    Other option: massive terr’ism scare or major explosion in California about lunchtime Nov. 2nd. Surprise! surprise! 55 electoral votes for Bush in an oh-so-close race…!