Pardon My Geekiness….

But somebody had to point out the resemblance :

For those of you who haven’t been following the new Star Wars movies (I don’t blame you), the Emperor began his career as a Senator who argued that the best way to fight a war is to give absolute power to a single leader and impugn the motives of anyone who questions him. That, and I hear Zell can shoot lighting out of his fingertips when he’s pissed.

UPDATE : Heh. It looks like Buzzflash had the same idea.

8 thoughts on “Pardon My Geekiness….

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  2. Zell is proof you don’t have to be insane to support Bush but it’s a handy excuse. He’s no loose cannon either.That speech was pre-approved by Karl Rove.

  3. It’s nice to know that the old Dixiecrat Zell kept the hate fires burning all these years. I was afraid that he had actually been converted after his generous introduction of John Kerry in 2001( Do you suppose that we will get to hear some of the Zellot’s old segregationist swill soon as well?

  4. But Zell doesn’t want to put *himself* in power. He’s doing it for the sake of somebody else.

    He’s not Palpatine. He’s Jar-Jar.

    … Although maybe that comparison is too low for anybody, even in this election.

  5. I’ve been down here at the scene of the Miller phenomenon for thirty years. For those of us who actually noticed who stood behind his show, the convention speech is just the bottom of his arc. He has rejoined his masters. We hope they don’t eat him.

  6. Didn’t I hear McCain say on Letterman that he was handed a speech, implying he hadn’t had any input on the content?

    Maybe Rove didn’t just approve the speech, maybe he wrote it.