EXCLUSIVE : Bush’s Debate Notes

For someone who I’ve long suspected is illiterate, Bush seemed to be furiously taking notes yesterday. At times, the scribbling was so loud you could hear it over Kerry. Thanks to an undercover operative, The Talent Show is now able to present the notes that Bush took during last night’s debate. With this peek behind the scenes, we hope to provide a candid look at the commander in chief.

110 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE : Bush’s Debate Notes

  1. Is any person in here actually IN politics? Maybe if you think you know what’s best for the nation as a whole, YOU should run for office instead of sitting at your comfy seat in front of your screen instead of destroying two guys that are doing something other than resting on thier laurels.
    By the way, has anyone actually thanked dissent for his time in service?, I do.
    I think it’s unfortunate when the only people who appreciate the servicemembers are the other servicemambers.
    Thanks to ALL men and women in OUR Armed Forces.

  2. Bush so didnt/wouldnt ever do that, and its pretty lame that you guys do this for ‘fun’ what a complete waste of time, i’d like to see what kerry draws on his paper, but wait no repubican would be that sad, adn have so much useless time to do something like this… wow!

  3. Hey you shouldnt write that kind of stuff about Bush when you know its not true.

    Hahaha just kidding…im not that stupid. Although maybe if i were a little stupider i could be elected president like GW.

  4. LOL. I can tell most of you vote based on your ability to joke about a candidate. How fun! :)
    However, unlike you, I am an independent voter who actually looks at (gasp) the candidates voting records and congressional reports, not Hollywood actors or even most of the newspapers. But I assess that most of you are juvenile. I do hope that someday when you get older, you will figure out that Hollywood actors and newspapers are far from accurate with information and that your parents are probably tied to a particular party (and maybe you too) because your family has ALWAYS been affiliated with that party. So, until you mature and take on the responsibility to review voting records of each candidate, I can only pray that your blind affection for Kerry will only open your eyes when he taxes every cent of your hard earned money to the point that you have to live with your parents….oh yeah, maybe you already do.

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  6. Dissent,
    I respect you for standing up for America in the armed forces and do understand your concern about illegal immigration. Legal immigration is one of our country’s strongest points however. It just seems that the immigration quotas are arbitrary and/or agenda-driven.
    If you think that Bush and the Republican Party are protecting American jobs, though, you are sadly mistaken. They say that outsourcing jobs is good for American business. It may be good for each business but the cost saving is never passed on to the American consumer. And meanwhile Americans lose jobs and have more trouble affording to buy American products.
    John Kerry and the Democrats oppose outsourcing American jobs and have introduced legislation to protect them.

  7. Well, all I know is this: I’m just gonna vote 4 the lesser of the 2 evils & that’s that.

    Peace, y’all.

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  9. Dear Mr. Nader supporters,
    I listened carefully to your 80 minute speech on C- Span. I?ve known since age 10 that you were right in everything you said. I believe most Americans would be happy to have you as President; it would make me scream with joy.

    Please be right in everything you do. Consider the following:

    1) You didn?t emphasize the most needed election reform:
    a two round runoff election which ensures that no one will fear voting their conscience.

    This would protect the voter from choosing his least desired candidate by default. If we were guaranteed a runoff election, then our conscience would tell us to vote for you.

    Under these dicey circumstances, everyone?s conscience, (including yours we hope) is telling us to do the right thing: to vote against Bush effectively.

    2) You stated that you will never abandon your adherents. Yet you are abandoning the ?frightened liberals,? the enlightened Republicans, and even your supporters.

    Standing on principle in the face of reality will set the independent movement back. There is no need to do that.

    Getting off the horse on November 2nd does not mean surrender. Getting back on November 3rd will find us back together again, continuing to educate the 95 million non-voters.

    3) You used a political explanation to excuse non-voters. You say they don?t vote because it doesn?t make a difference in their lives. The truth is they?ll choose not to vote, even for you. Unfortunately, you were unable to get to them.

    We all hope that the consequences of your actions relating to the last election will convince you to pull out of the race. This would provide you with a wider media forum for your ideas.

    You share the consequences for the war in Iraq and other horrors. You could not have known what your decisions in the last election would bring.
    But now you do.

    Turn, turn, turn, there is a season.
    Your next season starts November 3rd.

    Thanks for fighting for the ?Grand Tradition.? I hope you?ll ?vote your conscience? to save the good name we?ve made in the independent parties movement. It?s the ?only way to go.?

    Democracy cannot take a vacation, but you should take a day off.

    Neal R. Monda
    Morristown, NJ