Paging Dr. Jesus

Um, okay. Does it seem a wee bit disingenuous when Bush condemns “activist judges,” then turns around and makes appointments like this?

I mean, I don’t know how much political capital a 51% win earns you, but if he keeps spending like this, he’ll have a cartoon moth fluttering out of his political capital wallet by Christmas.

(thanks to tomn. and Janice for the link.)

7 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Jesus

  1. So yeah, the standard libertarian response you’ve probably all heard before is that when you centralize authority to do good, you also inadvertantly centralize authority to do bad.

    So yeah, get rid of the FDA, then you won’t have to ask the governments permission to get RU-486.

    And besides, I don’t think you’re giving Jesus enough of a chance.

  2. That’s true. He did manage to cure blindness using mud, though it’s worth noting that the blind hobo I tried the same trick with was less than impressed with the method.

  3. I’m not sure where you’re going with the “political capital” thing, B. In 2000, after W won, everyone said he had no mandate and would have to reach out. He didn’t. His administration is already using the mandate word this time around, and there’s no evidence he plans to concern himself with things like “political capital.” He’s a deficit spender in many way, political capital being the least of his offenses.

    I say this a lot: modern Republicans lack restraint. When given the opportunity they will do whatever they can to reduce the government to a one-party system. Mandate, political capital, and common decency were thrown out the window decades ago.

  4. “if anyone wants to troll on “Keith the Troll’s” viewpoints… here’s his brand new blog:”

    by the way… i did NOT mean that as an open invitation to harass him or be an asshole over at his blog. i think he’s been very civil over here, and though i probably disagree with him on every political issue, he’s a good guy.

  5. Does anybody know this doctor’s proctology prayer. Maybe I can join all those people praying for Bush….