Cultural Illiteracy

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when culture warriors end up being clueless about the object of their wrath, but this comment from Time magazine’s “Blog of the Year” is pretty pathetic (via Oliver) :

That was a mistake, of course. One “Chris Rock,” the host, whom I’ve never otherwise heard of, led off with an idiotic anti-Bush tirade. $70 trillion? Interesting statistic. What was noteworthy was not the host, who obviously knows nothing, but the crowd–every single person there laughed and applauded.

Never heard of Chris Rock??? Wow. If you’re that clueless about the entertainment industry, why would you even bother watching the Oscars in the first place? That’s why I don’t watch the Grammys.

What’s even funnier is the complaint about the “$70 trillion”. Has this guy never heard of “hyperbole”?? Perhaps Rock should have said “a gagillion bazillion dollars” or something. Either way, the jokes were hilarious and spot-on. Bush has completely pissed away our country’s finances. If we can’t laugh at the irony of somebody screwing up that bad and getting reelected, then what can we laugh at?

5 thoughts on “Cultural Illiteracy

  1. It’s ironic that 70 trillion isn’t sufficiently hyperbolic enough since it’s only a couple orders of magnitude off.

    Ironic in the sense that this is the first president for which this is true.

  2. It really is pretty remarkable. For someone “reporting” on an entertainment-industry event, not knowing who Chris Rock is is tantamount to mentioning that you’ve never heard of four out of the five Best Picture nominees, or that the Foreign Film nominees should be disqualified because they’re not in English.

  3. Hyperbole is a rhetorical technique only available to conservatives. Everything Ann Coulter says is true, unless it’s not, then it’s hyperbole. Anything a liberal says must be true or it’s a lie.

    To be fair, both sides can have a problem with seeing humor, irony and hyperbole on the other side, though it seems as if the current crop of conservatives have had some sort of humor-ectomy.

    And by the by, this and Malkin’s recent discovery of the “new” “in” thing called cutting is really making me wonder about the kids these guys are raising.

  4. Wait… Ann Coulter is a humorist? That in itself is the case against right wing senses of humour.