Violent Immaturity

Billmon agrees with me that this pie-throwing crap is getting out of hand :

But let’s let that pass, because this time the wing nuts are right — although, as usual, they’ve got the volume turned up about ten clicks beyond the point where human ears begin to bleed.

In a civilized society, you don’t physically harass or attack people for exercising their free speech rights, even if they are the vile scumsucking lackeys of crazed right-wing multimillionaires — or even worse, David Horowitz. You just don’t do it. And you particularly don’t do it and then spout some fatuous nonsense about how you are protesting the absence of a “productive or meaningful dialog.” People who throw pies at other people to try to make some kind of point aren’t in a position to criticize anybody else’s dialog — except maybe the chimps down at the zoo who throw shit at each other. And I’m not even sure about them.
. . .
Even worse, these kind of moronic pranks play right into the grasping hands of the authoritarian right. Horowitz and Kristol and Coulter and the other members of the RNC propaganda department will be dining well off these attacks for years to come — a classic case of being able to wear your pie and eat it, too.

Authoritarian movements thrive on phony martyrs, and now this one has its pastry martyrs. Have no doubt that the “crazed” leftist students who smeared them (literally) will be cited every time some hayseed state legislature votes to create a doctoral program in creation science at Bumfuck State U, or endows the Rush Limbaugh Chair in Advanced Idioting at the University of Southern North Dakota (at Hoople).

Individually these seem like harmless pranks, but it’s still violent behavior. As these attacks become more and more common, it’s just a matter of time before some overzealous pie thrower hurts a lot more than their target’s pride. I hope we never have to deal with the fallout of some self-appointed representative of the “campus leftists” breaking Rush Limbaugh’s nose or something.

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