Jesus Math

While driving earlier today, I saw the following bumper sticker :

Which means if you want to solve the above formula to determine the value of a single nail, you’d get this :

Then again, it’s been about ten years since I’ve taken any math classes or gone to Sunday school, so I could be wrong about this one.

10 thoughts on “Jesus Math

  1. Couldn’t that be simplified further to

    NAIL = 4/3GVN – 1/3CROSS

    Now where am I going to find 1.25GVN to test this out. I love applied math.

  2. 3 nails? I’m no theologian, but where exactly did they put the third nail? These romans sound like twisted bastards.

  3. The real answer is that Roman Crucifixion tended to use one peg for both feet. It was more agonizingly painful, apparently. The better answer is that they put it “downtown” where you can go where you always know, downtown.


  4. I love these things. I used to drive by a church daily that had the best cheesey religious lines. My favorite was always, “Give satan an inch and he’ll become a ruler.”