Scooter the patsy?

Considering that Libby consistently told the same false story to the grand jury and the FBI, I can’t help but think that he’s been set up to be the Administration’s sacrificial lamb. After all, according to the indictment “Official A”, Judy Miller, “the Under Secretary of State”, the “White House Press Secretary”, and “the Assistant to the Vice President for Public Affairs” all knew that Libby’s story about learning of Plame’s status from Tim Russert was without merit. Why would Libby be reckless enough to make his claims when any one of these people would have been able to discredit him? It defies logic to assume that Libby spoke to the FBI or the grand jury without discussing what he would say with his sources and/or fellow leakers. That being the case, did White House officials reassure Libby that they’d buttress his story only to later turn against him? If that turns out to be true, I’d expect Libby’s plea agreements to be…interesting, to say the least. There’s a damn good reason Fitzgerald says he’s “not quite done”. If Libby feels burned by the Administration, I think we can expect more fireworks.

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  1. It also explains the likely scenario of how he broke his foot.

    Cheney (hand on scooter’s shoulder): Son, we’ve got a lot riding here. While you’re a valuable aid, you’re not worth the billions we’re making abroad.

    Libby: What is that supposed to mean?

    Cheney (steps away from him): It means ‘tag, you’re it!’ hahahaha

    Libby then kicks Cheney’s solid iron wood desk and hobbles out in grimaced defeat.


  2. They’ve been setting Scooter up as the fall guy all along. Here’s the proof.

    But this thing ain’t over… keep going St. Patrick. Keep going.

  3. I agree with the theory that he’s their chosen fallguy. Libby will do absorb all the blame for the rest of the administration, and hang his head in shame for the length of the trial, then get a pardon at the end of it all. Win-win for everyone in the administration, except for that black eye to this administrations legacy. But Americans have short attention spans so that won’t matter much…Reagan is still the most popular president ever.

  4. Scooter isn’t gonna be ruined….maybe a little Bubba time in the local Federally sponsored pen, but just you wait. i bet there’s a nice fat job at Halliburton in the mans future. And peraps, a Presidential pardon.

    We can only hope that this goes to trial and Fitz doesn’t allow him to plea out. Cheney et al on the tand would be fun to watch

  5. Disappointed? Yes, but face it, it’s over! Rove, Cheney and the rest will skate free. There are no more indictments in Fitzgerald’s pocket and if he had enough evidence to charge Rove he would have done it now. Fitzgerald is not going to present to a new grand jury all over again all the evidence he found after months and months of investigation that implicates Rove–it just won’t happen. He’s convinced that he doesn’t have a case against Rove and any others. Yes, Libby is the fall guy but Bush/Cheney will never let him go to trial. He will be pardoned and that will effectively end the matter, investigation, trial and all just like George H.W. Bush killed the Iran-Contra investigation and trial when Casper W. and others were pardoned. It’s over, there won’t be any other indictments. Sorry, but John Dean seems to have called it right.

  6. I hope for all out sakes that you are wrong. While people were distracted by Katrina, Bushco moved their world wars further into Syria and Iran. They must be stopped!

  7. Please thank Rep. Hinchey at for his standing up for the American people.

    For Immediate Release
    October 28, 2005
    Hinchey Pushes For Fitzgerald To Expand Investigation;
    Wants Special Counsel To Determine Why Vice President’s Office & Possibly Others Revealed Plame’s Identity

    Congressman Sent Letter To Special Counsel On September 15, Urging Him To Explore Motive; Says Administration Was Seeking To Discredit Plame’s Husband For Coming Forth With Evidence That Disproved White House Uranium Claims

    Washington, D.C. – Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) today released the following statement regarding Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald’s announced indictments against I. Lewis “Scooter’ Libby. Hinchey led a coalition of 40 House members that sent a letter to Fitzgerald on September 15, asking that he expand his investigation to include the motive behind the leak.

    “First, I want to thank Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald for carrying out this investigation in a very thorough manner and for his commitment to discovering the truth. His work is honorable and I very much look forward to learning more from him as his investigation moves forward and a trial takes place…. more on Rep. Hinchey’s website and Keith Olbermann interview.

    ctober 21, 2005
    Hinchey Hosts Capitol Hill Screening Of “Good Night, And Good Luck”

    Congressman Presents Film To House Colleagues & Staff
    To Highlight Need For Independent & Diverse News Media

    Washington, D.C. – In an effort to demonstrate the need for a strong, diverse, and independent news media, Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) this week hosted a Capitol Hill screening of George Clooney’s new movie, “Good Night, And Good Luck.” A dozen of Hinchey’s House colleagues joined congressional staffers for the showing of the film, which dramatizes journalist Edward R. Murrow’s work to fight U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy’s accusations in the 1950′s that Communists and people with close ties to Communists were secretly working in the federal government.

    “The film, ‘Good Night, And Good Luck’ does a remarkable job of demonstrating the need for an overhaul of our nation’s media policies to allow for true independent journalism that holds government officials accountable for their actions,” Hinchey said. “Unfortunately, Senator McCarthy’s use of fear was not the first or last time politicians have used fear and the media to advance their political agenda. By using the news media to spread propaganda that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the Bush Administration gained public support for an invasion of that country. The Bush Administration manipulated the media to spread fear across the country. We can never let that happen again.”

    In July, Hinchey introduced the sweeping Media Ownership Reform Act of 2005 (MORA). MORA is a broad measure that seeks to undo 20 years of massive media consolidation. It restores the Fairness Doctrine, reinstates a national cap on ownership of radio stations, and lowers the number of radio stations one company can own in a local market. It further reinstates the 25 percent national television ownership cap, requires regular public interest reports from broadcasters and provides for more independently produced programming on television. The bill establishes new public interest obligations to ensure broadcasters are meeting the needs of local communities and requires increased and sustained public input and outreach so that Americans have a voice in the programming they receive.

    “Current laws governing the news media enable a mere handful of corporations to own and control news organizations, which has the detrimental effect of limiting the American public’s ability to receive a wide array of ideas and perspectives,” Hinchey said. “The American people deserve an independent media and I will continue to find ways, such as the screening of films like ‘Good Night, And Good Luck,’ to demonstrate to my colleagues in Congress why media reform is so desperately needed.”

  8. My prediction is this: There will be no trial. Libby will fall on the sword and plead guilty. Part of his plea agreement will be that there will be no further indictments, His sentence will be 6 months home arrest and 6 months probation. After serving this sentence he will be offered and will accept a job with Haliburton or one of its subsidiaries, I also predict the Bushies are going to eat Fitzgerald and Joe and Valerie Wilson alive.