Slightly Less Bleak, Except Not.

Greetings, friends. My name is Brian, and I’ll be posting something this evening. It’s a tale about a dewey-eyed, sensitive multinational media conglomerate that woke up one morning, a few weeks after announcing a deeply disgusting and totally unsurprising publishing decision, and realized what it was doing was wrong, and that it had a duty, a moral obligation, to do the right thing and reverse that decision.

The right thing for the shareholders, I mean. Of course there’s the pretty much unanimous public revulsion at the entire project, even at the basic idea that our societal plummet down the bottomless pit of dissolving standards has taken brought us so rapidly to this point — obviously that’s what Fox and Rupert Murdoch are concerned with, is public sentiment, and Fox’s repsonsibility to serve the public:

“I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project,” Mr. Murdoch said. “We are sorry for any pain this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.”

They’re concerned, all right, and oh dear heavens are they sorry. They’re concerned about public backlash hurting their bottom line, and they’re sorry the book-buying, TV-watching public has by some miracle not been able to meet Fox’s expectations when it comes to building up our basic depravity enough to pay $28 for a hardbound, 200-page snuff film. Please remember, gentle reader: By having enough of your humanity intact to maintain your horror at how eager Fox was to cash in on Orenthal The Bus-Drivin’ Murderer, you are hurting News Corp’s bottom line. Which means that in some small way, you’re hurting the economy. Which most assuredly means you’re helping the terrorists win. I hope you’re happy, you Baathist stooge.

So yes, in summation, a reminder of an obvious truth: Fox’s decision was a business decision through and through, not a moral one; morals, after all, invariably get in the way when trying to do the kind of business News Corp. likes to do.

P.S. — For those of you worried if the Juice will land on his feet, don’t! Looks like he’s still getting paid in full for the book!

One thought on “Slightly Less Bleak, Except Not.

  1. Nicely put. I hope this whole saga helps a few on the backlash right realize who the cultural enemy is and is not. It is corporate scum who talk about Morality, but only for marketing purposes. It is not gay men enjoying themselves in the privacy of their own homes.

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