I’m Stuffed

This week has been like a gourmet, five-course meal of wingnuttery. Naturally, the main course was the stalking and harassment of 12-year-old Graeme Frost. That alone would be a week’s worth of conservative lunacy, but it was complimented by an even more hilarious side dish. When Ezra Klein decided to take Michelle Malkin at her word that she wanted a “a good-faith argument” on the merits of SCHIP expansion met, not did Michelle show her true colors by cravenly turning down his offer to debate, but one of her fans took the absurdity to another level by challenging Ezra to a boxing match.

Adding to the right wing dipshittery, John Gibson’s analysis of yesterday’s school shooting included the observation that “Hip-hoppers do not kill themselves.” Fox News asked viewers if Air America was in a “War on God?” (Does that mean that the all-powerful God is losing?) And, you probably already guessed this, Ann Coulter said some more crazy bullshit that will help her sell more books and get her booked on more cable news shows.

For your digestif, here’s Iain Murray at The Corner suggesting that Al Gore should share his Nobel Prize with Osama Bin Laden.

5 thoughts on “I’m Stuffed

  1. And you left out Coulter’s bizarrely inappropriate comments about “perfecting” non-Christians.

    Because she follows the teachings of Jesus so closely.

  2. I was going to mention Coulter’s latest remarks directly, but what’s the point? That’s the most outrageous thing she’s said this week, but she says this outrageous shit just to get people riled up. The rantings of Ann Coulter are the intellectual equivalent of Fear Factor. You know it’s crap, but people tune in anyways just to see what kind of disgusting crap they come up with next. For me, the shock value has worn off. Now it’s just boring.

    The truly offensive thing is that she’s ratings bait for television producers who long ago gave up any pretense about keeping their viewers well-informed. Any program that books her has as much a right to consider itself “news” as The Daily Show. Sure, it’s about the news, but the news is just used as a set-up to the main event, ideologues yelling at each other. It’s junk food for the brain.

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  4. That boxing match thing is hilarious, and I like how it inadvertently highlights how out-of-her-league Malkin is: She would be crazy to debate someone who actually knows what he’s talking about on health care, just like Ezra would be crazy to box someone who is good at boxing. The apparently unnoticed difference by that mouth-breather Robbie is that Ezra didn’t complain on his blog about how no wingnut was willing to fight him mano-o-mano, while Malkin did complain on her blog about no moonbat wanted to debate the merits of healthcare.

    Man, the things pathetic dipwads will do for a chick they think is hot.

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