Credit Where It’s Due

In tonight’s speech, John McCain used a line I’ve heard him use more than once on the stump :

I’ve fought the big spenders in both parties, who waste your money on things you neither need nor want, and the first big-spending pork-barrel earmark bill that comes across my desk, I will veto it. I will make them famous, and you will know their names. You will know their names.

He’s already lived up to half of his promise :


I’m not sure if introducing the country to Porky Palin and her federal money-addicted town is exactly what he had in mind though.

2 thoughts on “Credit Where It’s Due

  1. No pork?
    What about the $14.3 million McCain slipped into a defense appropriations bill for Arizona’s Luke Air Force Base.
    And what about the $10 million for the University of Arizona’s Rehnquist academic center in 2006?
    Methinks he dost protest too much!

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