You’re either for making money or against it.

Y’know that hilarious Protect Insurance Companies video that every other person was posting on Facebook yesterday? Well, prepare yourself to take back those chuckles because Jim Geraghty at the National Review (with an approving link from Andrew Sullivan) has an epic takedown of the fake-PSA :

Because $10 a Head To Watch ‘Land of the Lost’ Wasn’t Greed

The greed of health insurance company executives is the topic of satire in this video from Will Ferrell, who is by some accounts the highest paid star in Hollywood; Forbes said this year he was merely the 20th highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Get it? If you’ve made a lot of money pumping out absurdist comedies, then you’re a hypocrite for even suggesting that letting insurance companies profit off the deaths of their customers is a bad thing. This kind of argument is simplistic and ridiculous. It’s like saying “Michael Pollan doesn’t want people to eat junk food, but he eats three meals every single day.”

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