The Many Faces of the GOP

The Republican party just redesigned their website to be a red version of Barack Obama’s campaign site. Knowing their primary goal should be to convince the rest of the country they’re not just a bunch of bitter old white dudes, they updated the logo to replace the “O” with a bunch of yearbook photos. Since your time is valuable, I’ll save you the strain of hitting reload a bunch of times. Here’s all of them :

I’ll leave it to others to analyze the demographic breakdown of these images and what it says (if anything) about the type of voters the Republican Party is trying to attract, though I’d be willing to bet if the GOP was really as diverse as the images here suggest, we’d have a much more civil discourse in this country.

2 thoughts on “The Many Faces of the GOP

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  2. I’m not sure about the race of some of the historical personages, but I counted 9 African-Americans that I can be sure of. Out of a sample of 44 total images, that gives them better than 20% representation.

    Something tells me that this SLIGHTLY over-represents the African-American membership of the GOP. Hell, it over-represents the African-American poulation of the US, period.

    As the poster intimated, methinks they are fishing.

    Oh, and where are the Hispanics? And the Asians?

    I can see the absence of Hispanics, what with the GOP’s long-standing terror of “the brown hordes”, but what the hell is their problem with Asians? That they’re too intelligent to join the GOP?

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