Back from the Dead

This site is back. After losing interest in blogging for quite a while (a subject I’ll write about at some point), my site was hacked and I got too lazy to even bother fixing it. After reinstalling WordPress, I decided to check the old design and just make a few minor tweaks to a standard theme. Pretty much the only thing that survived from the earlier designs is the “Join or Die” snake, but I may tweak it a bit more if I get some free time.

For those who miss the earlier designs, here’s a brief history of the evolution of this site. The first look was back when I threw together an art deco-ish design on (the atrociously-spelled) Blog*Spot :

Once I realized blogging wasn’t going to be something I did for a week and then completely forget about, I got a hosting package and migrated the site to Movable Type. In the process, I got a little carried away with the art deco thing and designed a site that was just horrible to look at. Even now, seeing all of that wasted space is just horrendous.

Shortly after that design launched, I realized it sucked. I started over from scratch, mocking up the site in Photoshop, cutting out each element, tweaking HTML and CSS to get everything to line up just right. I still like how this one turned out.

After a couple of years with that design, I got sick of Movable Type and decided to migrate the back-end to WordPress. Since this would require rebuilding the templates from scratch, I took the opportunity to tweak a few things about the design (got rid of the remaining deco touches, softened corners). Disregard the CSS issue that’s skewing the sidebar.

With the new design, I’m finally getting rid of the Cliff Edwards portrait that started as a nod to tendency of many early bloggers to post a photo of themselves on the homepage, but ended up confusing people more than anything else.

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