It’s a damn shame John Edwards was killed by a freak meteor strike in 2008 and replaced with a sleazy, philandering look-a-like shortly thereafter, because the old John Edwards (and not that other asshole) had some great things to say :

(h/t Amanda Marcotte)

2 thoughts on “R.I.P.

  1. Good to see TTS back up. Though Edwards seemed like a strong and much needed political presence in the White House as VP, he turned out to be just another cheat. Sad.

  2. I was totally sold on Edwards during the 2008 primaries. Sure he was a PI lawyer, and all that that implies, but his “two Americas” speech was right on and he was the only viable candidate making that point. His crime was to think he could get away with anything. If he’d been elected, his shenanigans still would have been exposed, and the Republicans would have impeached him. Even without a conviction and removal from office, the cause he claimed to be fighting for would have been set back ten years.

    Glad you’re back writing again.

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