No Worries

I may be in the minority among the left, but I’m not at all worried about tonight’s debate (or the election). During the last debate, it seemed clear to me that Obama was deliberately holding back thinking it would be more wise to muddle through the debates in an attempt to preserve his lead than try to be bold and risk shaking up the race. Now that it’s clear a “tie favors the incumbent” strategy isn’t going to cut it, I think Obama will be much more forceful and won’t leave as many arrows in his rhetorical quiver. Add to that the fact that tonight’s debate will be a town hall format and will presumably cover more than two issues, I think there are a ton of opportunities for Obama to reconnect with voters (or at the very least, for Romney to stumble badly and say something patronizing to a poor person).

Let’s face it, with the breadth of issues that could be discussed, the fundamentals still favor Obama. Despite how much he’d likely deny it, Mitt Romney is still the guy who would veto the DREAM Act, wants to make life so horrible for immigrants that they “self-deport”, opposed the auto-bailout, would repeal Obamacare and take away the insurance of tens of millions, wants to transform Medicare from a guaranteed benefit to a “here’s a coupon, fend for yourself” program, gut funding for Medicaid, prevent women from having their birth control covered by private insurance, says a trip to the emergency room is adequate to treat chronic illnesses, denies that poor people die due to lack of health insurance, and thinks that 47% of Americans are “victims” who aren’t willing to work hard.

The facts are already on his side. All Obama needs to do to win is to connect with voters and *say* this stuff.

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