clipperIf you have been getting a clipper cut for quite some time, probably you have a nice story to tell your like-minded friends. It really saves money, as well as giving a convenient haircut whenever you need. However, many people would not like walking on the streets without some hair on their heads. Fortunately, there are several clipper cuts to choose from.

A fashionable haircut such as undercut can be your favorite, and more interesting, you can do it without visiting a barber. Some of the common haircut styles for men include crew cut, induction cut, flattop, undercut, Mohawk, as well as high and tight style. Women have their own styles except those tomboys that would even prefer cutting their hair just like men.

The road towards getting a perfect haircut starts with the accessories. You need good quality cordless clippers with various blades and guards which usually come together with the clippers. Obviously, you will need 2 mirrors if you are doing it yourself. One mirror should be positioned in front of you, while you hold the other with one hand.

I will not talk about the top hair clippers for now, but you can do your own research before purchasing. They are of different types and come with different prices. Note that, those very expensive hair clippers do not actually reflect the quality. So check the features, and then rely on users’ reviews to see the best clippers that will suit your needs.

Read these 5 tips on how to use your hair clippers appropriately.

I will first generalize the entire cutting process so that you know the way forward even before trying to hold the machine. When it comes to cutting your hair, always start with the longest length setting of the clippers. After this, change the guards to the subsequent size and repeat the cutting procedure on the already shorter hair.

It is advisable to dampen your hair when designing the haircut. Do it every once in a while so that the hair sticks together for easier cutting. However, designing comes after you have finished the general cutting. Remember, designing starts on the sides, back, and lastly on the top. Alright, here we go…

  1. Familiarize yourself with the hair clippers

This should not be done on your head! Just turn it on and off, learn about changing speeds, attach and remove the guards, and teach yourself how to change blades. Once you understand how it works, run your hand through the hair to know the direction of the hair growth. You can as well write it down to ensure that you don’t forget.

  1. Start on the sides (one side at a time)

The conventional idea of starting from one side, to neck, and then to the other side should be way off your thought. This is usually used by ordinary barbers, and never to follow that rule. Start with one side, and then proceed to the next. This ensures you keep in mind what you have done on either side and avoid imbalanced haircut style. On the lower part of the sides, the hair is usually relatively shorter. You can consider using a lower guard on the sideburns and around the ears. Don’t forget I said the back part will follow once you have finished working on the sides.

  1. Next is back part

If I am talking to someone who has been using personal clippers, I know you understand the challenge of cutting the back hair. For the starters, I recommend seeing a professional barber for help. However, it is good to practice doing it on your own. This will grow your skills better, and next time you will design your haircut without getting assistance from another person.

Here is the technique. Lay your left hand horizontally on the back of your head. This will help you prevent cutting unevenly or too high. Drag the clippers through the hair until it touches your hand. You will have cut the hair a bit uniformly, but still, a final touch is necessary to polish the transition.

  1. The top part

The top is basically the longest part of the haircut, and you need to check the right guard size depending on the size of hair you want. Just as you did while cutting the sides and the back, drag the clippers gently through the hair. In case you feel the hand shaking, use a comb to guide you.

  1. Fading

This is the final touch to make the transition between the haircut lengths visible. However, you must be very careful not to make a line between the two haircut sizes. If the fading process is too tricky for you, let a professional do it.