hairstylemistakesYour hairstyle speaks volumes about your personality. Every woman will always ensure that the hair is neat before stepping out of the door. This brings about the confidence as you mingle with your friends or workmates throughout the day. However, did you know that there are hairstyle mistakes you can do unsuspectingly or just ignorantly? Other people may notice the mistake, and probably they will judge you silently.

Therefore, here are seven hairstyle mistakes you need to avoid;

  1. Wrong match of hair tone and skin tone

This is basically hard to realize especially if you just wanted a hairstyle similar to that of your favorite Hollywood actress. Note that, your hair color should compliment your facial complexion rather than overshadowing it! Your workmates may notice the mistake but they fail to tell you depending on how you relate to each other. However, always let a professional decide the perfect hair color that will improve and flatter your skin tone. Obviously, an expert will give what suits you best.

  1. Wrong haircut based on your hair type

Many are times when women try to push a given hairstyle to fit them. Unfortunately, what is not yours can never be yours! If you are doing this, kindly reconsider your plan. You need to understand that any hairstyle goes hand-in-hand with the hair type. The hair that does not dry on its own and take a gracious shape, probably a particular haircut style can reshape it. However, the cut must be well-thought-of based on the hair type too. This is just similar to choosing the products for either textured or thin hair. Therefore, use a professional hairstylist for best advice.

  1. Poorly straightened hair

This happens when you do it in a hurry and therefore work on a bunch of hair at once. If you have been keen on how pros handle hair straightening in those salons, definitely you can now know why your hair straightening technique is poor. Even if you have the best flat irons and curling irons, doing it in the right manner is the rule number one. The second rule of thumb is concentrating on a small section at a time. You can divide the hair into three horizontal layers, and then use clips to pin each section.

  1. Overloading with products

Even if you have the best and gorgeous hair, it can lose its glam if overloaded with products. If you have curly hair or you have just curled it, the best hair products should hold it but leave a room for flexibility. Never use those products that will make your curly hair dry up and become brittle. Look for curly hair products before using any product you stumble in those beauty shops. However, if you have frizzy or dry hair, definitely it needs oil, serum, or cream hair products. Bottom line fact is ‘never overload your hair with the products’.

  1. Trim when too long

Your beautiful hair may lose its prettiness if it goes beyond the ‘acceptable’ length. Too long hair cannot be homogeneous at the ends, and also will appear as if it is dead at the tips. Don’t stay too long before visiting your hairstylist and trim those dreadful hair tips. However, some of you may not get time to see their hairstylists. Fine, use your curling iron to curl those scraggly hair locks. In case you have a flat iron, don’t worry because it can still do the work. Check the tips on how to use a flat iron to curl your hair. It is simple and less time-consuming DIY procedure.

  1. Poor highlights

Your highlights will only appear as perfect as you want if they are done by a professional. They should be done right from underneath so that they don’t appear hooped at the top. Another very important aspect when doing the highlights, consider the contrast between the highlights and the base hair color. Let it be moderate as if it changes gradually upwards.

  1. Partial hair curl

This is common due to impatient once you apply heat from an iron or dryer. Brushing through a warm curl will definitely ruin the entire work. Also, don’t release the round-brush before the hair cools down. You might want to consider to buy a hair dryer according to your hair type.