Great Moments! Get Rid of Useless Hair on Your Body

unwanted hairYour excess hair on the skin might be putting off your fun moments at the beach or during the summer when you want to enjoy poolside show-off. Those useless hairs deny your body the sexy feeling it deserves. It is time to get rid of them.

However, put aside the razors because more improved hair removal tools are already waiting for you. You don’t need to go beyond epilators because they are the best tools for hair removal, very effective and less time consuming. Interestingly, you just remove the unwanted hairs at the comfort of your home. No appointments.

If you want to restore the looks of your sexy legs before stepping out of the door, epilators must be your ultimate hair removal tools. In just a single stroke, it can remove more than 90% of the hair strands. It is capable of reaching the hair root, meaning that the new hair will grow smooth and soft.

Most of you may be familiar with waxing. It is a nice hair removal method, though it tends to leave behind a little hair. The thing in common between waxing and epilation is the mild pains you will experience during the hair removal process.

Waxing and shaving have been there for years, and most folks have either heard or used them. Epilators are somehow new to several people, but they have really improved the hair removal task. They are small electronic devices specifically made for body hair removal. They don’t work like razors since they remove the hair right at the root.

If you have not used epilators before, let me give the simple steps on how to use them.

Step 1: Charge the epilator

Even if you have just bought a new epilator, ensure that it is fully charged. Most epilators are rechargeable and can run for more than an hour before plugging into the mains supply again. In case you don’t charge the device, the power may die in the process of epilating. Therefore, charge it to avoid such frustrations.

Step 2: Allocate time for epilation

Epilating is not just something you can wake up and start right away. It has its own rules based on your plans for that day. You should allocate time for hair removal. It is recommended to epilate at night when you have no plans to go out. This is because the skin will be left with some red bumps, which fade away after a few hours.

Step 3: Skin preparation

There two epilation types; wet and dry. For wet epilation, take a 15 minutes warm shower prior to epilation. Exfoliation is also required. Apply some shower cream on the body areas to be epilated. Also, put little shower cream on the epilator before you start. On the other hand, dry epilation is done on a dry skin. First, wipe the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth to make the hair strands stand upright and weaken. Ensure that you wipe totally any form of moisturizer, oil, or lotion because the epilator will work well on a dry skin.

Step 4: Start epilating

Switch the device on, but don’t be scared by the buzzing sound. It has settings to control the speed so that you don’t feel much pain as it pulls the hair off. Move the device in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Sometimes you can use the other hand to pull the skin on areas where it folds in order to reduce pains. For the epilator to pluck hair effectively, hold it perpendicular to the skin throughout the process.

Step 5: Go slow

Don’t rush by moving the epilator fast because it may not pull off some of the hair at its roots. In order to avoid repeating those already finished areas, glide the epilator on circular motions. For best results, work on one area at a time. Apply a moisturizer once you finish, as it helps to speed up the skin healing.

Lastly, clean the epilator using a disinfectant. If you were on a wet epilation regimen, the epilator needs to be wiped using a dry towel. I hope these steps will help you when using your new epilator. You can also find more hair removal tools so that you select what suits you best.

5 Greatest Tips from a Styling Guru

clipperIf you have been getting a clipper cut for quite some time, probably you have a nice story to tell your like-minded friends. It really saves money, as well as giving a convenient haircut whenever you need. However, many people would not like walking on the streets without some hair on their heads. Fortunately, there are several clipper cuts to choose from.

A fashionable haircut such as undercut can be your favorite, and more interesting, you can do it without visiting a barber. Some of the common haircut styles for men include crew cut, induction cut, flattop, undercut, Mohawk, as well as high and tight style. Women have their own styles except those tomboys that would even prefer cutting their hair just like men.

The road towards getting a perfect haircut starts with the accessories. You need good quality cordless clippers with various blades and guards which usually come together with the clippers. Obviously, you will need 2 mirrors if you are doing it yourself. One mirror should be positioned in front of you, while you hold the other with one hand.

I will not talk about the top hair clippers for now, but you can do your own research before purchasing. They are of different types and come with different prices. Note that, those very expensive hair clippers do not actually reflect the quality. So check the features, and then rely on users’ reviews to see the best clippers that will suit your needs.

Read these 5 tips on how to use your hair clippers appropriately.

I will first generalize the entire cutting process so that you know the way forward even before trying to hold the machine. When it comes to cutting your hair, always start with the longest length setting of the clippers. After this, change the guards to the subsequent size and repeat the cutting procedure on the already shorter hair.

It is advisable to dampen your hair when designing the haircut. Do it every once in a while so that the hair sticks together for easier cutting. However, designing comes after you have finished the general cutting. Remember, designing starts on the sides, back, and lastly on the top. Alright, here we go…

  1. Familiarize yourself with the hair clippers

This should not be done on your head! Just turn it on and off, learn about changing speeds, attach and remove the guards, and teach yourself how to change blades. Once you understand how it works, run your hand through the hair to know the direction of the hair growth. You can as well write it down to ensure that you don’t forget.

  1. Start on the sides (one side at a time)

The conventional idea of starting from one side, to neck, and then to the other side should be way off your thought. This is usually used by ordinary barbers, and never to follow that rule. Start with one side, and then proceed to the next. This ensures you keep in mind what you have done on either side and avoid imbalanced haircut style. On the lower part of the sides, the hair is usually relatively shorter. You can consider using a lower guard on the sideburns and around the ears. Don’t forget I said the back part will follow once you have finished working on the sides.

  1. Next is back part

If I am talking to someone who has been using personal clippers, I know you understand the challenge of cutting the back hair. For the starters, I recommend seeing a professional barber for help. However, it is good to practice doing it on your own. This will grow your skills better, and next time you will design your haircut without getting assistance from another person.

Here is the technique. Lay your left hand horizontally on the back of your head. This will help you prevent cutting unevenly or too high. Drag the clippers through the hair until it touches your hand. You will have cut the hair a bit uniformly, but still, a final touch is necessary to polish the transition.

  1. The top part

The top is basically the longest part of the haircut, and you need to check the right guard size depending on the size of hair you want. Just as you did while cutting the sides and the back, drag the clippers gently through the hair. In case you feel the hand shaking, use a comb to guide you.

  1. Fading

This is the final touch to make the transition between the haircut lengths visible. However, you must be very careful not to make a line between the two haircut sizes. If the fading process is too tricky for you, let a professional do it.

The 7 Styling Mistakes Your Friends are Secretly Judging You

hairstylemistakesYour hairstyle speaks volumes about your personality. Every woman will always ensure that the hair is neat before stepping out of the door. This brings about the confidence as you mingle with your friends or workmates throughout the day. However, did you know that there are hairstyle mistakes you can do unsuspectingly or just ignorantly? Other people may notice the mistake, and probably they will judge you silently.

Therefore, here are seven hairstyle mistakes you need to avoid;

  1. Wrong match of hair tone and skin tone

This is basically hard to realize especially if you just wanted a hairstyle similar to that of your favorite Hollywood actress. Note that, your hair color should compliment your facial complexion rather than overshadowing it! Your workmates may notice the mistake but they fail to tell you depending on how you relate to each other. However, always let a professional decide the perfect hair color that will improve and flatter your skin tone. Obviously, an expert will give what suits you best.

  1. Wrong haircut based on your hair type

Many are times when women try to push a given hairstyle to fit them. Unfortunately, what is not yours can never be yours! If you are doing this, kindly reconsider your plan. You need to understand that any hairstyle goes hand-in-hand with the hair type. The hair that does not dry on its own and take a gracious shape, probably a particular haircut style can reshape it. However, the cut must be well-thought-of based on the hair type too. This is just similar to choosing the products for either textured or thin hair. Therefore, use a professional hairstylist for best advice.

  1. Poorly straightened hair

This happens when you do it in a hurry and therefore work on a bunch of hair at once. If you have been keen on how pros handle hair straightening in those salons, definitely you can now know why your hair straightening technique is poor. Even if you have the best flat irons and curling irons, doing it in the right manner is the rule number one. The second rule of thumb is concentrating on a small section at a time. You can divide the hair into three horizontal layers, and then use clips to pin each section.

  1. Overloading with products

Even if you have the best and gorgeous hair, it can lose its glam if overloaded with products. If you have curly hair or you have just curled it, the best hair products should hold it but leave a room for flexibility. Never use those products that will make your curly hair dry up and become brittle. Look for curly hair products before using any product you stumble in those beauty shops. However, if you have frizzy or dry hair, definitely it needs oil, serum, or cream hair products. Bottom line fact is ‘never overload your hair with the products’.

  1. Trim when too long

Your beautiful hair may lose its prettiness if it goes beyond the ‘acceptable’ length. Too long hair cannot be homogeneous at the ends, and also will appear as if it is dead at the tips. Don’t stay too long before visiting your hairstylist and trim those dreadful hair tips. However, some of you may not get time to see their hairstylists. Fine, use your curling iron to curl those scraggly hair locks. In case you have a flat iron, don’t worry because it can still do the work. Check the tips on how to use a flat iron to curl your hair. It is simple and less time-consuming DIY procedure.

  1. Poor highlights

Your highlights will only appear as perfect as you want if they are done by a professional. They should be done right from underneath so that they don’t appear hooped at the top. Another very important aspect when doing the highlights, consider the contrast between the highlights and the base hair color. Let it be moderate as if it changes gradually upwards.

  1. Partial hair curl

This is common due to impatient once you apply heat from an iron or dryer. Brushing through a warm curl will definitely ruin the entire work. Also, don’t release the round-brush before the hair cools down. You might want to consider to buy a hair dryer according to your hair type.

Yellow Teeth Problematic – Do New Tech Brushes Really Help?

toothbrushNo one would hate a whiter smile. Did you know that maintaining an oral hygiene is the start of your overall body health? The types of food we eat are the major causes of yellow teeth, not to mention other sources such as cigarette smoking. Above all, the way we brush our teeth also plays a vital role when it comes to oral cleanliness.

Due to rapid advancement in technology, new tech toothbrushes are becoming an ideal alternative for teeth whitening. They do what the manual toothbrushes cannot do because their heads are electric powered. The brushes’ head oscillate or vibrate, ensuring every tooth is thoroughly cleaned. Actually, they just have a similar brushing experience as the traditional ones. The difference is that they have a more powerful brushing power to get rid of that yellow scum sticking on your teeth.

The advanced models such as sonic toothbrushes are perfect stain removers, with a higher vibrating power of more than 40,000 oscillations per minute. In case your teeth are severely stained, there are the ultrasonic models that vibrate up to 2 million oscillations per minute. Even with that high frequency, they don’t produce a buzzing sound and are capable of removing those yellow stains if used regularly. If you want to clean those hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, ultrasonic brushes can do the trick.

Top electric toothbrushes come in two categories; rechargeable and battery powered. Electric models are usually connected to an electrical mains supply. On the other hand, the rechargeable ones use AA batteries whereby the batteries can be replaced after losing power. Generally, these brushes can be bought with replaceable heads or fixed heads. The replaceable heads mean that you can change the head depending on what kind of bristles you want. For those fixed models, the head cannot detach from the body. This implies that you will use the brush until a replacement is required, usually after three to six months.

Basically, the yellow teeth problem can be solved by using electric toothbrushes. They have an exclusive vibrating power to splatter water and toothpaste swiftly, leaving your teeth sparkling white. However, you need to understand the root causes of yellow teeth. The tongue is usually forgotten when brushing, and it is the breeding site for bacteria. It is recommended to brush the tongue at least twice while brushing your teeth. This helps in getting rid of the bacteria, thus preventing further staining of the teeth.

Another source of yellow staining on teeth is the type of foods. Even though any food plague can stain the teeth, fruits such as pawpaw can add the yellowish coloration. Therefore, it is ideal to rinse your mouth well after eating those fleshy fruits. In addition, regular brushing of teeth is highly recommended. Twice a day is enough because there will be no food plagues for bacteria to breakdown. Remember, the acidic substance released by bacteria is very responsible for teeth staining.

Features of an Electric Tooth Brush

The introduction of new tech toothbrushes has also paved a way for fake models to enter the market. If you bought an electric toothbrush recently and it does not seem to offer incredible results, probably you are a victim of those bogus brands. It is easy to fall into the trap of the untrustworthy sellers, especially when buying from an online retailer. Therefore, check the following 3 main features so that you can buy a genuine electric toothbrush next time.

  1. Charge Indicator light

A good electric toothbrush has a charge indicator light. This is used to notify the user when charging is required for those rechargeable models. If you use a battery-powered electric toothbrush, the indicator will tell you when to replace the batteries. Avoid those models without a charge indicator light.

  1. Brushing timer

When shopping for an electric toothbrush, check if it has a timer. This is essential because it alerts you when to change the position of the brush while brushing your teeth. An electric brush is programmed to notify you when you are done. Therefore, this feature is very essential.

  1. Pressure sensor

The pressure sensor is to warn you whenever too much pressure is exerted. The sensor monitors the action and pressure you exert, thus ensuring your gums are not ripped off while brushing.

Everyone is complaining about Back Pain – What to Do?

bacck painBack pains have become a common problem among many people regardless of occupation. Everyone is seeking for a solution but it seems there is no reliable treatment from various medical facilities. This does not mean there is no way out. Actually, medical procedures are not the perfect resolution when it comes to back pains. For your information, the secret solution to this is the widespread problem is getting a good massage.

However, where should you get a perfect massage therapy? Alright, you can choose to employ a professional masseuse. Even though these experts are ideal, there are limiting factors associated with the spa treatments. For instance, a person that works from Monday to Friday may not get time to visit those massage centers. Even after job, most of us are tasked to pick the kids from school. During weekends and holidays, you want to have a good time with your family. In other words, your schedules are always tight. There is very little time for luxury.

The massage chairs have become a better alternative for human touch massage therapy, thanks to modern technological advancement. Many people understand that massage can alleviate back pains, but they have no time to arrange for an appointment with a professional therapist. Here is the good news – including a massage chair in your office or house. It will help you greatly because you can access a massage therapy from the comfort of your place.

Benefits of Having Your Own Massage Chair

Massage chairs offer similar therapy as the traditional massage. If you are suffering from constant back pains, definitely you need some regular massage. Obviously, it is almost impossible to get massage therapy on daily basis from a masseuse. That is why a massage chair is an essential asset in your office or house. It has specialized features to relax and relieve muscle tensions that cause body pains. In addition, the blood circulation will be improved to allow efficient transportation of nutrients and oxygen.

Depending on what causes your back pains, most people will not be very comfortable to open up to the massage therapists. This is one of the issues that make massage chairs more ideal compared to traditional massage. Remember, you will not get the best out of a massage therapy if the therapist does not understand your main cause of back pains. Also, not everyone will be willing to undress in front of a stranger. So, why don’t you have your own massage therapy at home?

Here are the top massage chair review sites if you want to make a buying decision.

Relying on a massage therapist is a bit hectic and time-consuming. You must book an appointment given that there are ever long queues in those massage facilities. There are high chances you will give up if you are impatient. This implies that the back pains will continue, and thus hinder your productivity even at work. Having a massage chair is the ideal deal. You get it whenever you wish, without scheduling any appointment with anyone.

Traditional therapists may not give you exactly what you deserve. They depend on what you tell them, and probably he or she may not be able to perfect it. The treatment is left to the mercies of a therapist, and you are likely to suffer from the same ailments afterward. A massage chair is perfect, and you can choose the regimen you want through the preset programs and modes integrated into the chair. You have total control over your entire massage session, without relying on another human being.

A regular visit to a massage therapist is not cost effective in the long run. Maybe you live far from the facility, and therefore you must drive to and from home once or twice a week. For a period of let’s say five years, you will have used a huge amount of money. That cash could be used to purchase a massage chair and get everything comfortably at your home. The initial investment of a massage chair might be relatively high, but you will realize the cost benefits over time.

Lastly, a massage chair is your own facility. You have all the control over it. Unlike spa and massage centers, there is no meet up with a therapist. Remember, spa and massage centers are there for business, and workers keep on changing. A therapist you encountered last time may not be the same for the next visit. This means there is a likelihood of getting a poor therapy if the person is not fully qualified.