guitarrrWell, you have finally found what you have been looking for. Whether you are a professional guitarist or just a beginner, you have every reason to interact with instruments. Guitar playing can be a universal method of improving your mood. It is like listening to some soothing music through headphones while relaxing in bed.

There are times when you want to stay alone, especially if someone pissed you off. This is the time you want to do the craziest stuff to send parking those stressing issues. If you are already fighting depression, consider a guitar as your new friend. No matter the source of your stress, simply play guitar.

Benefits of Playing a Guitar When in Bad Moods

Stress is one of the ailments that disrupt your overall well-being. Even if you have the best painkillers, depression will keep on hitting your mind. It becomes too difficult to find a solution to even simplest issues in life. Luckily, there is natural healing for that – playing a musical instrument like a guitar. Make yourself happy and forget those problems for now. A solution finds its way when you are in good moods because your brain is sober and sound.

Alright, here are the benefits of playing guitar when in a challenging situation.

  1. Create your own pleasure

Pleasure does not come to you, instead, you find it. When in crisis, music can be the best medicine to refresh your mind. Remember, stress affects your entire body because the brain is already unsettled. So, pick up the guitar, play it, and create your music. Listening to that music activates the mind by refreshing your thoughts.

  1. Get rid of stress

There are many sources of stress including job, family, and relationship among others. If you are already anguished, don’t stay there worrying and wishing for a solution to come your way. Just grab your electric guitar and play it. Music is a natural therapy that can reverse your body’s reactions to pressure. You can play one of your favorite musician’s songs, or just create your own music.

  1. Alleviate pain

Between the age of 20 and 50, people experience many things. Some have been diagnosed with chronic diseases, which they must live with until the end. Such pains can be reduced through playing instruments. A guitar is a nice choice to play your favorite songs, which in turn, reduce the level of pain.

  1. Boost brain energy

Brain energy in this context refers to the ability to think critically. Playing guitar when facing a challenging decision in life can enhance your brain thinking ability. It refreshes and sharpens the mind.

How to Choose Your First Electric Guitar

Now you have understood why you need to play guitar when in a crisis. If you are planning to buy your first electric guitar, it is vital to know the things to consider.

  1. Quality pickups

Even though you are a beginner, you deserve good quality pickups. The signal to the amplifier should be excellent. However, you can replace them if you want a better sound in future.

  1. Wood body

A solid wood is ideal for sustaining a good quality sound. You can choose between Mahogany, Swamp ash, Alder, or Popla. These are the solid wood materials that make a good electric guitar sound well.

  1. Proper frets

A good electric guitar for a beginner should have appropriate fret finishing. The frets should be even to prevent the production of a buzzing sound when playing. Also, the sharp frets can cut your fingers when playing. Don’t forget you are a beginner!

  1. Quality tuners

Since you are a beginner, the first electric guitar will be easy to tune. No frustrations. However, the tuners should be of high quality with a smooth and accurate solid to hold. In case you cannot tune the guitar, seek assistance from a guitar tuning guru.

  1. A sturdy neck

The neck of a guitar holds the frets. Therefore, it should be strong enough to prevent unnecessary repairs that might be expensive in terms of money. Avoid those guitars with bad frets and warped necks.

Learning to play guitar is not an easy thing. You need to dedicate yourself and get into seriousness if you want to play like a pro in the near future.