I Believe Most People’s Fitness Goals Are Too Low!

I watched TV the other day, and a Subway ad popped up. Who’s in the ad? Jared, of course! By now, Jared should have lost a lot of weight eating the 6-inch Subway sandwich. I know he came a long way but does he look good (you know how the song is.” still looks good, he still looks good)

Does Jared “Still Look Good”?

He wasn’t very fat anymore, but he didn’t have a great body either for me. Jared is just starting his journey to get a good body, and he has a LONG way to go if he wants to get in shape. Jared needs a little exercise…he won’t look good if he stays flabby.

Many People Will Be Satisfied With “Just Not Being Obese”.

I think that’s a bit sad. You have one life to live, so why not try to be better. Who says you can’t have a body like Jessica Alba or Brad Pitt? It’s not that hard to get into great shape. But it does take a little discipline and won’t happen overnight.

If You’re Going To Choose A Role Model…You Might As Well Choose A Handsome One.

My fitness role models are Daniel Craig (the new James Bond), David Beckham, Laird Hamilton, Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey. Women go crazy for these guys. I choose my role models wisely…maybe also try to look like the guy women like! I’m not as pretty as these people, but my body is now at its fitness level. If Jared were my role model, I wouldn’t even be close to where I am now.

Work Hard to Get a Sexy Body and Make the World a Beautiful Place!

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