stylish kitchen

stylish kitchenDue to a wide variety of kitchen ideas on the internet, there is no doubt many people find it hard to get what they want. One of the vital assets in your kitchen is the faucet because it says much about your style. It is the first thing a visitor will see whenever she enters your kitchen. A good faucet should match with the rest of the surrounding, as well as perform the job as required. We are different when it comes to selecting kitchen items, and what is right for you may not be someone else’s taste.

However, functionality and quality matter. With the many variations in the market, you can choose what suits you best by comparing the finish and material used. The perfect way to land on that ideal faucet you want, do not be moved by the price all through. Instead, follow your interest and preference.

All the kitchen faucets in the list below are of high quality, but the choice may depend on individual’s favorite and needs. They are some of the top commercial type kitchen faucets with the desirable finishes everyone will ever need to own.

  1. Kraus KPF-2110

This is a single lever stainless steel pull-out kitchen faucet that is made to serve for years. In addition to its easy water flow and temperature control using the single lever, the lead-free brass built offers a high durability. You can rotate it either side, ensuring that the model fits for almost all types of sinks. When it comes to hard water situations, you can buy a model with a rubber nozzle to prevent residue build-up as well as enhancing easy cleaning. This is one of the best kitchen faucet on the market.

  1. Kraus KPF-1602

This single handle pull-down kitchen faucet comes with two options in terms of finishing – stainless steel and chrome finishes. Due to its spring design and rust-resistant feature, the model is perfect for commercial use especially in restaurants where there are many dishes to wash regularly. The single lever control is easy to use plus the two-way diverter that allows smooth water flow control. The spout facilitates easy access to the sink, while the rubber nozzles enhance easy cleaning and prevent residue build-up if you are using hard water.

  1. Kohler K-560

This pull-down model of kitchen faucet comes in three different finishes – stainless steel, polished chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. Your choice depends on what kind of finishing design you want. The high arch design is perfect for the user to have control of the sink and the countertop, but it can rotate through 360 degrees. This offers high flexibility in case you want a more working space. It has a single lever with a different water control to turn on and off, as well as regulating the temperature.

  1. Décor Star TPC-11

This is another top kitchen faucet that is perfect for washing many dishes due to its extended base that allows easy rotation from left to right. The spout is flexible as you can change options either a spray or stream by use of buttons. This model comes with different finishing versions such as oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and chrome. These finishes make it a suitable choice for any contemporary kitchen. It utilizes a single lever and an extended spout to suit any kind of setting you need to place the faucet in. Due to its solid brass construction, it is highly durable to last for years.

  1. American Standard 4175.300.002

This kitchen faucet has a built-in spout to swivel comfortably, allowing the user to work on the dishes stress-free.  It is a pull-out faucet that lets you access the adjustable spray pattern and pause features. The matte Black finish is the most preferred due to its commanding looks, though you can still buy models with chrome or stainless steel finishes. All the finishes are scratch, tarnish and corrosion resistant, indicating that the faucet will work incredibly well while retaining its original look throughout.

All the above kitchen faucets have different prices based on a particular brand and features. As you browse on the internet, you will come across several other models but your choice should revolve mainly around the features you want. You will also find cheap kitchen faucets from other different brands, but these five versions can help you get the right thing. You can compare their prices and features, as well as online customer reviews before purchasing.