Sexy Basques – History of Sexy Costumes and Elegance

Many women like to wear sexy costumes. From elegant sensual basques to exotic bustiers, sexy costumes are a great way to spice up the bedroom. Some basques and bustiers can even be worn as outerwear, offering a bold option for a night out. Basques and bustiers have been around for centuries, though they have adapted and changed over the years. Provided here is a brief guide on the history of this beautiful and sexy costume.

The cross

Both basque and bustier were developed from the corset. Corsets first became fashionable in the 16th century. In the Victorian era, they were all angry. Victorian women wanted their waists to look as small as possible, and the generation of tying the knot was born. The corset was not considered a sexy costume, but the required underwear was simple. Girls receive their first corset at a very young age and wear it throughout their lives.

Victorian corsets are longer than previous eras, extending above the hips and extending a few inches from the waist. This shape became very popular, and soon other clothing items took on the body.


Basque was originally a Victorian-era jacket that imitated the shape of a corset. The coat fits tightly and extends past the hips, widening to accommodate the hustle and bustle.

Over time, fashion changes. Corsets fell out of favour in the 1910s, when the rational clothing movement took over. Gradually bras and corsets replaced corsets. Basque is no longer popular when women stop wearing clothes and waistlines creep up.

Happy Widow

By the 1920s, the traditional corset was no longer heard. The late 1940s, however, saw a resurgence of the corset. The 1940s corset was the merry widow and was much shorter than the traditional corset. She was specifically introduced as a sexy costume.

Although the merry widows were a fleeting phenomenon, their introduction set the stage for the use of basques and bustiers as sexy costumes. Women began to enjoy their sexuality, although still strictly behind closed doors.


In the 1980s, fetish wear came in. After the 1960s and 1970s, mainstream 1980s entertainers enjoyed almost unprecedented freedom of expression. Trendsetters like Madonna are starting to craze underwear as outerwear. Sexy costumes came out of the bedroom and started appearing all over the country.

Basques and bustiers today are largely rooted in the fetish trends of the 1980s and 1990s. Most are modelled after Victorian-era corsets, and today’s Victorian, basque, and bustier jackets range from light to wild.

The strapless bustier is very popular, a supportive choice to wear under a backless dress. However, more exotic bustier and basque options are also available, including mostly see-through cuts perfect for bedroom wear.

Today’s bustiers and basques are designed to resemble the corsets of the past, and modern materials ensure a smooth body shape without the compression of the past. Combining functionality with exotic and beautiful designs, this sexy costume is perfect for any occasion.

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