kitchensA contemporary kitchen should have sufficient working space, appropriately fitted fixtures, and equipped with essential appliances. To make a kitchen more charming, you can reflect your personality by merging traditional and modern elements. From colors to textures and materials, the blend and contrast will give a touchy feel. Apart from these interior decors, smart kitchens are becoming very trendy nowadays. Smart kitchen devices involve different accessories and appliances connected and operated just by a click of a button on your mobile device.

If you have a home office or simply you work from home, having the smart kitchen devices can make your life incredibly easy. They actually turn your kitchen and the dining room into comfortable and pleasurable spaces to live in. Just before we talk about the smart appliances, let us first see the right faucets you need when improving your kitchen interior design. Remember, your kitchen working flow can only be enhanced by choosing the correct faucets.

Kitchen Faucets

These are used for dispensing water (hot or cold) when washing hands, dishes, or food. They also reflect your kitchen’s style and design.

Kitchen Faucet Mounting Styles

Sink-mounted: The choice of the faucet may depend on the number of sink holes. However, this does not mean you must buy a faucet with the exact number of holes. You can buy one with a deck plate at the base to cover up the unwanted holes. It is an ideal method to re-use an existing sink in your kitchen.

Deck-mounted: The faucets are mounted on the countertop instead of the sink. Most modern kitchens have deck-mounted faucets because they look neat and personable. They come in a variety of styles that provide a flawless look for a contemporary kitchen. However, you should allow a 2-inch width behind the faucet for easy cleaning.

Wall-mounted: These are quite ideal when it comes to cleaning the countertop and the sink. However, you need to ensure that the water spout can reach the sink effectively. They are ideal when installed on an outside wall to prevent freezing during cold weather conditions. A plumber will let you know the appropriate installation methods for best performance.

Kitchen Faucets Handles

There are three main types of kitchen faucets handles to choose from. These include single handled, double handled, and hands-free faucets.

Single handled: These are easy-to-use faucets because you can control the flow and temperature using the same handle. Water flow is regulated by rotating the handle up and down, while the temperature is controlled by rotating the handle side-to-side. You only need a single hole in the countertop, and they have perfect arch style design suitable for even big pots and dishes in the sink.

Double handled: The double handled faucet is more precise when it comes to temperature regulation. This is because there are options for cold and hot water controls, making water flow and temperature adjustments more sensitive. In case one handle allows some leakages, you can rely on one handle until the other is repaired. Interestingly, the faucet and the handles can be replaced independently. This is ideal if you want to change the style of your faucet. However, you need at least three holes to install a double handled faucet.

Hands-free: These best kitchen faucets utilizes a sensor to control water flow and temperature without rotating a handle. The sensor can detect motion or slight contact and then opens the valve. Since they open and shut automatically, they can be perfect for water conservation. However, the batteries should be changed occasionally for the sensor to stay functional.

Garbage Disposal

This is another very useful appliance to include in your kitchen. It simplifies the task of handling food wastes because it grinds soft wastes before directing them into the drain. The liquid waste is then passed through the sewer line. Here are the practices to ensure that the disposal is kept functional;

Use it regularly: Running the appliance regularly keeps the moving parts functional. Just turn on the machine and pour some water to flush out accumulated wastes.

Avoid hot water: Cold water is recommended when grinding wastes because hot water may soften the materials. Soft wastes may not be chopped well, and can clog the system.

Rinse with cold water: This helps to flush down those fine materials, which may clog the pipes once they harden.

Cut solids into small pieces: Solid wastes such as fruit peels should be reduced into smaller pieces because they can cause blades to jam.

Clean with lemon or citrus water: This can be done after every two weeks to get rid of the unpleasant odor. If you keen on finding the best garbage disposals, you might want to follow the link.

Types of Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart coffee maker

Instead of the traditional coffee makers we have been using, there is a new smart model that can be controlled right from your smartphone. It uses an app where the user can prepare a cup of espresso or cappuccino without physically interacting with the coffee machine. This is an ideal appliance for your home office because you don’t need to get out of your desk to go and brew a cup of coffee. It is a matter of pressing a button on the mobile device and everything is done right.

Smart oven

The smart oven uses a mobile app that allows you to communicate with the appliance regardless of your location. If you are busy responding to emails from your clients, you can simply set the appliance to preheat before you start cooking. You can also regulate the temperature remotely, as well as set the optimal temperature according to the kind of meal you want to cook. Apart from remote control features, the oven has a touch-screen control panel that facilitates ease of usage.

Smart frying pan

This is a new smart kitchen appliance that synchronizes with a mobile app on your smartphone. You will be able to use the data streaming from the pan such as temperature level and cooking time. Based on what you are cooking, the app has several recipes and you will be notified when to spin the food, add ingredients, or turn the temperature down. Since the pan is Bluetooth-enabled and can connect to your mobile device, you can monitor the cooking while doing other office jobs.