home office barA glass of red wine or just some cocktail can be a mood booster especially after a busy day in the office. If you are a wine lover, simply stock a home bar. Stocking several bottles is not only for easy access whenever you want to tuck your throat, but also a nice way to welcome your guests in style. Remember friends will come over to your home if there is booze, but this does not mean you overdo it! No need to stock those flaming liquors. Wines are more than enough, bearing in mind quality matters.

Alright, the major issue is not just having a collection of wines in your house. The main concern here is where to store them at the appropriate temperature. Almost every homeowner has a standard refrigerator in the kitchen, but keep in mind that wine storage is somehow special. Yes, that is why wine coolers are there for that purpose.

For many of us, it can be a daunting task when it comes to choosing the best wine cooler. Therefore, here are the aspects to consider when choosing your new wine cooler.


Even though you want to store the wines at the appropriate temperature and humidity, there is more you deserve to get from a wine cooler. If you want to keep both red and white wines, a wine cooler with separate compartments is ideal. Whenever you want to pick a bottle, there is no straining to reach that red or white bottle underneath. Apart from buying a unit with separate cooling zones, there are other models with pull-out shelves for different sizes of bottles. Other high-end units have a remote control, UV-protected glass, and digital temperature controls. So, place a choice based on the features you want.


The quality of your wines will depend on how you store them. There are Wi-Fi enabled units with RemoteVision feature that monitors the wine cooler throughout. If there is a problem with the temperature, humidity level, filter, or the door, it will alert the manufacturer. That sounds hilarious! Though these high-end models are expensive in terms of money, you get exactly what you pay for. No one would want to lose the quality of wine due to the cooler’s malfunction. In addition, ensure that the unit’s gliders and shelves can hold the weight of the bottles. Avoid purchasing a cooler with poorly constructed or weak shelves because you are likely to lose your investment!


The two common types of coolers are single and dual zone. If you love a single type of wine such as red wine, the single zone model can be a nice choice. However, for those that enjoy both red and white wines, the dual zone is the perfect selection. The single zone version will provide a steady temperature for your red wine, while the dual zone allows you to store both wines at different cooling temperatures.


If it is the first time to think about storing wines in your house, choose a perfect size that will cater for the anticipated future collection. A typical 40-bottle unit is recommended because you might want to increase the number of bottles, especially when expecting a few guests. It is also ideal for an average sized kitchen without taking over a huge space. Wine bottles come in different sizes too. For that reason, it can be very frustrating when trying to fit them into the cooler. Don’t forget that the bottles should be stored lying on their sides to maintain the quality of the wine.


Even though some of us may not be concerned about how their coolers look like, to some extent everyone will need a well-designed unit in their houses. A wine cooler with interior lighting offers some bit of elegance especially when all the bottles are illuminated. Other models with a smoked glass add some touch of uniqueness and class. Try to make the cooler somehow different from those other electrical appliances in the kitchen!


The price is one of the limiting factors when buying a wine cooler but don’t over-rely on it. Even a standard unit will cost several hundreds of dollars, but it is advisable to pay a little more on a larger cooler with additional or special features. The shipping costs may differ depending on the seller, though you can compare prices before striking a deal with any retailer. There are certain seasons when shipping is free for particular models. Therefore, it is important to do some research before making an order.

Lastly, there are built-in wine coolers to integrate with your kitchen shelves. However, it is recommended to buy these ones when designing or redesigning your kitchen. Even though they are not very common in the market, they add some bit of style and class in your house.