The Art of Being Sexy

Women today think being sexy means you have to wear skimpy clothes and go for great catwalks all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Underwear worn properly can be sexy, and even plus-sized women can be sexy. You don’t have to have a model body to be sexy. Being sexy is a frame of mind, and you have to think you are sexy before you can be sexy.

When you see a woman who you think looks sexy, ask yourself, “what is it about her that makes her sexy”? Being sexy starts with your mind, and you have to think of yourself as sexy first and foremost. Once you start thinking like this, you can turn yourself into a sexy woman. I’ve seen a lot of fuller women who I find sexy simply because of the way they carry themselves.

You have to start with the basics. 

Find a hairstyle that complements your frame and gives your face that sexy glow. Nothing works like hair. It sets the stage for everything else. Short, unkempt hair won’t help you look and feel sexy. It’s not that short hair can’t be sexy. Jamie Lee Curtis proves it! Style, that’s what helps. Next, pay attention to your facial features. Use makeup that complements your face. Don’t go to the bottom to try and build a foundation. This looks terrible. Use a smooth base that complements your features and skin tone. Use eye shadow that blends well and is not too heavy. You want to beautify your eyes, not make your eyelids stand out. Dress up sexy. 

This doesn’t mean wearing the least amount of stuff you can find, and that means starting with your bra and panties. The right undergarment can 

make many outfits look sexy. Bras that lift your breasts and create 

cleavage or make your breasts look fuller can make most ensembles sexy. High buttoned dresses with full breasts can look sexy. If you have a beautiful butt, wear high heels and maybe a thong. What happens below increases what happens above.

Lastly, look sexy. 

Don’t walk with your head down or hunched over. Walk with your head held high. Place one foot in front of the other as you walk for a sex swing. If you confidently carry yourself, it will carry over to other people. When you look, use your eyes, not your head. There’s nothing sexier than a sideways glance, with the head slightly tilted down. You can practice it in your mirror. Find the look and use it.

Go for it once you know what works for you and your body type! You are just as sexy as you feel!

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