office painWe all love to work so that we generate income and make our lives better. However, did you know that your hard working in that job can turn into a hard work? Office profession is one of the major causes of back pains, headaches, stress, and depression. Apart from taking painkillers every other day in the office, a massage chair is enough to alleviate those ailments naturally.

I am talking out of an experience. Not hearsays at all. Believe it or not, massage therapy has been there for many centuries and is one of the natural remedies to improve overall body health without involving chemical drugs. Though I’m lucky my body is still intact despite working in the office for more than 10 years, it is important for any office worker to understand the dangers of prolonged sitting. I used to complain about back and neck pains, but eventually, I realized my sitting posture is one of the causes. Therefore, I replaced my office chair with an ergonomic model.

However, there is no perfect office chair in the market even those ergonomic models. After I changed my chair, it did not solve my problems to satisfaction. Your sitting posture and prolonged sitting will definitely result in backaches, headaches, and stress. Many folks have spent thousands of dollars seeking medical treatments, but they still face the same problems even as we talk now. If you have back pain and looking for an office chair, you might want to visit cosy offices.

So, what is the best solution? Alright, we are almost there. It is advisable to have a massage chair in the office. This is what has changed my life as an office professional because I spare some time to treat myself. According to office health experts, you should take some time to stretch your neck and back after every 3 to 4-hour sitting. Instead of stretching, I normally sit on my massage chair every time I feel exhausted.

A massage chair is designed to offer moments of relaxation and well-being. Since it is customizable, you get exactly what you want. It can perform multiple massage techniques and predetermined plans to ensure that you get the best holistic treatments. A typical massage is a quick method to get rid of psychological troubles, hence improving the overall health. Therefore, these chairs use soft gliding strokes that exercise your muscles and knots in order to feel a state of relaxation.

Why Include a Massage Chair in Your Office?

I am not here to advise you on interior design ideas. My purpose is to create awareness about office health and how to achieve it. As much as you want to create a flashy office environment, your personal health should come above all. Don’t forget I said all the office chairs, whether ergonomic or not, cannot offer the maximum comfort you want. Sitting on that office chair for about 8 hours every day is what creates endless back and neck pains. In addition to these pains, stress build-up worsens your health.

Traditionally, massage has been done through human touch. Though it is said to be perfect, not everyone can access those facilities today like it was in the recent past. Nowadays, we have busy schedules occupied by work and family responsibilities. Again, not all of us can afford extra money to pay for massage services or spa facilities. That is why the electronic massage chairs were made available for convenience reasons. Interestingly, they offer same health benefits just as human touch massage therapy.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Energy booster

Massage chairs are energy boosters in the sense that they revitalize your muscles and get rid of stress. This helps in improving your productivity at work because the tired muscles are already refreshed and loosened to give the rejuvenation required.

Alleviate pains and muscle tension

In addition to boosting your energy, the massage chairs alleviate pains associated with poor sitting posture. As an office worker, back pains, headaches, and neck pains are the common ailments. The massage chair relieves those neck and back muscles that often cause headaches.

Improve blood circulation

A massage chair improves blood circulation through the full-body massage therapy. This helps in getting rid of toxins and allowing perfect transportation of nutrients throughout the body. This, in turn, nourishes your body and therefore giving you the energy to work effectively.

Posture alignment

Having a massage chair at your early age can help your posture stay aligned. A good massage chair flexes your back muscles and aligns the spine accordingly. Even the aged people can correct their posture by using the massage chairs in offices.