pianooA gift is one of the very few things that will make her feel special. It reminds her when you first met, that day you initially kissed, and when your relationship started growing stable. A woman will remember special days, but I won’t tell you how they do it. There comes a time when relaxing on a couch and she constantly stares at that bulge in the shirt pocket. It is time to show a romantic step by doing something you cannot explain through words. Allow the gift to speak on your behalf.

The gift will speak a powerful message. Yes, better than your mouth. However, always let your mind have gift ideas. The things she likes doing such as playing musical instruments should be enough to equip your mind with ideas. A great gift is not reflected by its money value, which might not add value to her life. Just look for what she loves doing most during her free time.

All that being said Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Your girlfriend is obsessed to pianos. Definitely, this is what she deserves for that special day. Believe it or not, buying her a new piano as a gift will make you an irreplaceable man. It is time to start shopping for the best piano before that day. Therefore, here is the list of top 5 pianos to consider while exploring the market.

Top Best Pianos

If you are not familiar with pianos, probably you will have a hard task finding the best model for your girlfriend. Of course, you need to check the features that will offer a great experience to the user. There are many competing brands in the market, and that is why I will give a list of five best digital piano models to choose from. My list incorporates the most popular brands and then narrows down to the best types for any pianist out there.

  1. Yamaha Arius YDP 181

This is a digital piano with 88 weighted keys. The playing experience is just like an acoustic piano due to the graded hammer effects. The 128-note polyphony resembles a real piano because multiple notes can be heard perfectly when sustained. It is a short version with 3 damper pedals, and the half-damper effects enhance the user’s control. It features three levels of touch sensitivity, making it adequate for different playing techniques and styles. It is nice for players to learn songs and maintain progress song recordings.

  1. Casio PX 150

Casio PX 150 offers an authentic feel if the keys which mimic a similar sensation of acoustic pianos. It features acoustic and intelligent resonator sound source which gives an actual experience when playing the piano. It has two built-in speakers for adequate and quality sound. It is lightweight with only 20 pounds, making it perfect for carrying to and from home.

  1. Roland F-120-WH

Roland F-120-WH features a twin piano mode, which is ideal for multiple players to use the instrument at once. The key action offers a similar feel like an acoustic grand, which makes it easier for frequent switching. The speakers produce a strong sound with the lower tones providing a rich sound through the speakers. If you want an aesthetically appealing digital piano, this F-120 can be a nice choice.

  1. Kawai CE220

This CE220 is one of the top models with custom touch sensitivity that makes every pianist compliment it. The ability to change the liveliness of every layer of various instruments gives this instrument a high-performance experience, allowing the user to express music based on individual’s taste. The three-pedal akin feels quite natural, while the additional effects allow customizable tone ideal for every user.

  1. Korg SP-280

The SP-280 digital piano is very suitable for those with limited space to put a piano. The design of its stand is streamlined and sleek, meaning it occupies smaller ground space. The piano has 88 weighted keys with graded hammer effects that feel similar to playing an acoustic piano. It features a pedal unit with three pedals similar to an actual acoustic model. Its wide range of sounds gives pianists almost unlimited variations in tone, voice, and style.

You can check that suits both the budget and your partner. Enjoy great moments!