toothbrushNo one would hate a whiter smile. Did you know that maintaining an oral hygiene is the start of your overall body health? The types of food we eat are the major causes of yellow teeth, not to mention other sources such as cigarette smoking. Above all, the way we brush our teeth also plays a vital role when it comes to oral cleanliness.

Due to rapid advancement in technology, new tech toothbrushes are becoming an ideal alternative for teeth whitening. They do what the manual toothbrushes cannot do because their heads are electric powered. The brushes’ head oscillate or vibrate, ensuring every tooth is thoroughly cleaned. Actually, they just have a similar brushing experience as the traditional ones. The difference is that they have a more powerful brushing power to get rid of that yellow scum sticking on your teeth.

The advanced models such as sonic toothbrushes are perfect stain removers, with a higher vibrating power of more than 40,000 oscillations per minute. In case your teeth are severely stained, there are the ultrasonic models that vibrate up to 2 million oscillations per minute. Even with that high frequency, they don’t produce a buzzing sound and are capable of removing those yellow stains if used regularly. If you want to clean those hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, ultrasonic brushes can do the trick.

Top electric toothbrushes come in two categories; rechargeable and battery powered. Electric models are usually connected to an electrical mains supply. On the other hand, the rechargeable ones use AA batteries whereby the batteries can be replaced after losing power. Generally, these brushes can be bought with replaceable heads or fixed heads. The replaceable heads mean that you can change the head depending on what kind of bristles you want. For those fixed models, the head cannot detach from the body. This implies that you will use the brush until a replacement is required, usually after three to six months.

Basically, the yellow teeth problem can be solved by using electric toothbrushes. They have an exclusive vibrating power to splatter water and toothpaste swiftly, leaving your teeth sparkling white. However, you need to understand the root causes of yellow teeth. The tongue is usually forgotten when brushing, and it is the breeding site for bacteria. It is recommended to brush the tongue at least twice while brushing your teeth. This helps in getting rid of the bacteria, thus preventing further staining of the teeth.

Another source of yellow staining on teeth is the type of foods. Even though any food plague can stain the teeth, fruits such as pawpaw can add the yellowish coloration. Therefore, it is ideal to rinse your mouth well after eating those fleshy fruits. In addition, regular brushing of teeth is highly recommended. Twice a day is enough because there will be no food plagues for bacteria to breakdown. Remember, the acidic substance released by bacteria is very responsible for teeth staining.

Features of an Electric Tooth Brush

The introduction of new tech toothbrushes has also paved a way for fake models to enter the market. If you bought an electric toothbrush recently and it does not seem to offer incredible results, probably you are a victim of those bogus brands. It is easy to fall into the trap of the untrustworthy sellers, especially when buying from an online retailer. Therefore, check the following 3 main features so that you can buy a genuine electric toothbrush next time.

  1. Charge Indicator light

A good electric toothbrush has a charge indicator light. This is used to notify the user when charging is required for those rechargeable models. If you use a battery-powered electric toothbrush, the indicator will tell you when to replace the batteries. Avoid those models without a charge indicator light.

  1. Brushing timer

When shopping for an electric toothbrush, check if it has a timer. This is essential because it alerts you when to change the position of the brush while brushing your teeth. An electric brush is programmed to notify you when you are done. Therefore, this feature is very essential.

  1. Pressure sensor

The pressure sensor is to warn you whenever too much pressure is exerted. The sensor monitors the action and pressure you exert, thus ensuring your gums are not ripped off while brushing.